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If I can dance…

If I can dance….

Celia Eslamieh Shohmal (Iran)


Wearing a dress made of sticks and fishing net, the artist performs an almost lost traditional Persian “Rice Harvest Dance.” She moves to private music through headphones, while the sounds of her dress act as accompaniment for the audience. Throughout the performance she casts grass and grains to the ground spelling out her message: you reap what you sow.

This performance explores the relationship between the physical and the cultural environment, as a manifestation of the rural exodus driven by globalization, the industrialization of agriculture and the agricultural collapse due to climate change. Loss of land is a loss of culture. The world stands witness to large numbers of people, forced to leave their homes. Their names: migrants and refugees. We are left with one of the most important dividing political and moral issues in Europe today—how to deal with a steady stream of refugees.

Posted April 14, 2015 in: Art by Ein Hektar

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