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Community Compost Area invites Berliners to make their own soil

Public composting closes resource cycles in Gleidreieck Park.
We can close resource cycles by creating fertile soil out of our waste. Most of us living in city apartments do not have the space to take part in this activity.

We have initiated an experiment on the grounds of the Garden colony POG- a community compost area, functional only with community self-organisation and under responsibility of all users. On April 29, 2015, as part of the ONE HECTARE art and participatory exhibition, the notorious urban gardening sensation, Prinzessinnengärten, erected a three chamber composter on the South-West border of the garden allotment colony POW.

Everyone is invited to contribute biologically degradable material (see the list of go’s and no-go’s), to maintain the compost area, and to use the fertile soil produced. Please contact with any questions of comments.

Good for the compost: 

green garden waste, fruit scraps (not sprayed), egg shells, caffe grounds, leaves, grass cuttings, hedge clippings, wild grasses (no root spreading weeds), lime and ground minerals, hair, untreated paper and cardboard, old soil from balconies.

Not good for the compost:

scraps of sprayed fruits and vegetables, cooked and spiced food left-overs, oils and fats, plastics, meat, glass, metal, sick plants, slow decomposing organic matieral like leather, bones, larger pieces of wood, root speading plants, leaves with tannin such as oak.

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Posted May 07, 2015 in: Contributions by Amy Green

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